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Wisdom comes only by making mistakes-and by making conscious decisions not to make them again. 


Painted Geisha

Most of you know me from my day job: Tattoo artist.  Some of you may know I have written works of fiction for years.  I have always kept a part of me back, the deep, dark, dirty parts that would make some people shy away from me.  But let's face it, we all have those places and frankly I am tired of not letting those fantasies and politically incorrect thoughts out to play.

This is my playground.  If you don't like it, go play somewhere else.  For some of you my stuff is going to be too mild.  That's fine, I'm not into S&M, fetishes or rubbing someone crap all over my face.  If however, you like your sexual fantasies, cry your eyes out poetry/songs and wish you could snap that whip and make them beg for it while saying "why bless her heart" you are probably in the right place. 

If you read something that makes you think "I was just thinking that!" you are probably in the right place.



I am the mature beauty who has stepped just an inch off the path of convention to walk a bit in the sand. No one knows but me why I smile.  It is the ink indelible on my skin, under my clothes where no one but me and a select  few know it’s there.  It’s my empowerment, my freedom, the ‘me’ I don’t show to everyone.  It is beautiful and sensuous as you lightly trace the lines with your finger, down my arm, across my back, up my leg.  It is fascinatingly scary for some, intensely erotic for others but when tattoos are done more gracefully and more beautifully than the woman they embrace, how can they do anything but make the woman more radiant? I hope now you understand me a bit better, my desire to walk just off the path, my smile.

Painted Geisha, 2004.

Painted Geisha