Enter at your own risk.  Most of what you will find will either be vulgar, sexually explicit or just down right politically incorrect.  

I don't have a filter from my brain to my mouth so there is no telling what will find it's way onto the written page. Continue reading. . .

by Painted Geisha

As the name implies this area is for short bursts of enlightenment, poems, songs and rants about things that piss me off. 

You may cry, or reflect, or laugh your fucking ass off.  No matter what your reaction you will be entertained!

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Welcome to all not easily offended.


All of my current works, both fiction and nonfiction, can be found at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/paintedgeisha

Fantasies, ramblings, rants and stories 

Here is where you will find longer projects put up in sections/chapters that may become complete books at some time.  But for now enjoy each section as it goes up and come back often!

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